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Lesley Norman

Former OCA tutor and assessor Jim Unsworth looks at the work of BA Hons Painting student Lesley Norman. Lesley distorts perspective in her drawings which allows the viewer access to areas within the drawing they would not normally see, this allows you to get involved with the work imaginatively. Jim emphasises however there is a fine line between getting this wrong or right, when you adjust things it must be done with intent and there has to be a visual reason.

Jim Unsworth – Lesley Norman from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.

Posted by author: Alice Morris
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3 thoughts on “Lesley Norman

  • Hi my name is Beth I was totally impressed by your paintings gorgeous and sketch book was also fabulous
    OCA student

  • Very interesting use of perspective – I like the way it enhances our view and will take on board Jim’s comments for having a reason to distort perspective. Great sketchbook.

  • I am not an artist but I appreciate art. I am also a big fan of kitchens (the heart of a home) so Lesley’s picture is very appealing to me. A kitchen with a table in it is an added bonus in my view (all those opportunities for conversations/interactions not to mention the life-sustaining meals). Love the warm colours, textures and layers. And Jim’s comments are fascinating and thought-provoking. With gratitude to you both from a complete novice.

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