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Jilliene Sellner

OCA’s MA Fine Art is now in its fourth year and with two cohorts deep into their studies and a third due to start in September, it is pleasing and exciting to see students exhibiting their work regularly.  Students work in a wide range of media, including drawing, video, installation, painting and photography and more and this breadth, as well as their international locations makes for lively and enriching debate and discussion in our online seminars.
All students are encouraged to actively show their work outside the forum of the MA and many have had considerable success with their work selected for juried shows and curated exhibitions. The MA curriculum includes study of professional practice, building towards a career plan as students complete the course.
Jilliene Sellner is currently at the end of her first year of study. We were delighted to hear that her film Rolling Blood Knot Bend had been selected for The Mirrored Edge curated by Sharon Haward at Electro Studios Project Space in St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex.
The Mirrored Edge is an intervention of artists’ video & sound works and the selected works reflect artists’ impressions & ideas about the tensions between utopia, a place where an instinctive harmony between humanity, nature & the environment exists, and dystopia, where a dehumanised society exists under the thumb of corporate uniformity, environmental disaster & a decline in society.
Jilliene’s film depicts the solitude and calm of the solo fisherman juxtaposed with the uncontrolled and unpredictable sea. She says “The video seeks to highlight, through their absence, elements of contemporary life that bring internal and external chaos.  Small-scale fleet fishing (the title refers to fishing knots), a fading ancient livelihood where interlaced relationships between tacit knowledge, hard physical labour and nature exist literally on the edge of modern society.
Jilliene’s film can be seen here and a link to her website can be found here

Rolling Blood Knot Bend and other ties from Pipe & Duck on Vimeo.

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