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Jereme Crow

This is a second appearance on WeAreOCA for Jereme Crow, but the last post was nearly two years ago so it is interesting to see how his work has progressed.


Posted by author: Emma Drye
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9 thoughts on “Jereme Crow

  • Fantastic work Jereme. It’s really interesting to see how it’s developed. I love the brushstrokes, the compositions, the treatment and especially the palettes you’ve chosen to work with here. They seem to suit the meaning of the images.

  • beautiful – a great example of subtlety in the artist’s use of medium and message; the refined palette offering a sense of stillness. and Emma’s excellent commentary helps explain how artists can suggest rather than overtly spell out meanings and subject matter – a quiet power that occurs in the best work – whether imagery, music, writing or other.

  • Thank you for this insight into Jereme’s work Emma, it is useful to have examples of such work to inspire and encourage. Thank you Jereme for your thought provoking work, I love the lemons particularly!

  • thank you for sharing this work – I loved the use of paint, subject matter and composition to convey mood and feeling – very inspiring and thought provoking.

  • On a practical note, it is interesting how he uses white. Mixing pale colours gives the paintings a high key feel, where not so pale colours become the darks even though they are not truly dark in themselves..This is a fascinating device which allows the marks to hover. Using white creatively is very hard and Jereme does it extremely well.

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