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How Ben works

Ben Robinson, OCA Photography student, has agreed that we can show this short (soundless) video that shows how he builds up his knowledge and adds to his learning log. Its a really good insight into working methods, so worth a minute or two of your time. It’s a good example of looking at other artists’ work and doing research.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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7 thoughts on “How Ben works

  • A well put together video. Is this an encouragement from OCA to now become more multi-dimensional and so moving on from just a blog and paper log. The problem which arises for me (again) is to control how much providing evidence of development in this sense becomes an end in itself rather than a learning resource. Maybe I’m making it too complicated though.

    • Th learning log should be, first and foremost, a learning resource for you. And if it fulfils that purpose then it will automatically provide enough evidence of your research and explorations around photography, which is what assessors will be looking for.
      ‘Multi-dimensional’ is the word, definitely. ‘Texture’, tactile texture I mean, is another. Ben’s work has plenty of it.

  • A really lovely insight into how someone else works, and is relevant across all subjects. Learning logs are the first sticking point for most students and I totally struggled to work out what to put in mine at the start. This makes it all a little clearer!

  • I totally agree with Catherine and Katie, this is a really useful insight and reassuring to know that Ben too found that his first idea, great as it was, didn’t quite hit the mark, hence the folder. It is tough knowing how much is enough and I guess everyone will find a different ‘best way’ or keeping a learning log, I think my next course will be better organised though thanks to snippets like this from Ben.

  • Maybe it’s just me – Mac using Safari – but the video link seems to have disappeared. All I am seeing is a big blank empty space—and I don’t want to read too much into that!

  • Hi Vicki I have just checked Mac/Safari on my laptop and it works for me, though there was a little delay in it appearing.

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