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Geraldine Leahy

Former OCA tutor and assessor Majella Clancy looks at the work of Watercolour student Geraldine Leahy.
Majella wanted to show off Geraldine’s rich exploration of watercolour as a medium through her uses of mark making, layering and surface quality. She also highlights how Geraldine’s sketchbook work evidences confident use of materials and critical research to inform good practice.

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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3 thoughts on “Geraldine Leahy

  • I am thrilled that my work has been featured on the OCA blog! Many thanks to Majella! Long distance learning can be difficult and it’s hard to know sometimes if you are approaching an assignment in the right way and doing enough prep work. I’ve always found these short videos very helpful – and even more so now that my own work has been featured. It confirms that I have been doing something right, which will help me in my future assignments! Thanks again!

  • Loverly fresh water colours Geraldine. Having recently tried a little plain air water colouring myself it’s not easy (for me anyway) to keep the clarity in the lighter tones. There fore creating a strong relationship of light and shadow as you have done. I can feel the brightness and airiness of your landscapes. I guess its a case of not over working which I have found creates a not overly desirable mud effect!
    I will try and learn from these examples. Good to see them.

    • Thanks for your comment, Emma! Yes, I agree that it can be all too easy to overwork a painting, particularly a watercolour – I’ve done it myself on many occasions! Thanks again for taking the time to have a look.

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