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The Eleven MA Fine Art degree show

The degree show of the 2013 cohort of MA Fine Art students opens to the public next week at The Civic, Barnsley, bringing together work created during three years of international collaboration. From England, Asia, Mauritius, Oman, Scotland, Spain and the USA, the artists are coming together for the first time in the real world to exhibit in South Yorkshire.
In media including painting, three-dimensional painting, drawing, print-making, sculpture and photography, the work offers exciting and innovative perspectives that engage with the contemporary art world. The show continues until 25 June and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00. Admission is free. OCA’s postgraduate fine art programme is Europe’s first online MA Fine Art.
Exhibiting as XI, the students are:
Jennifer Ault – exploring the ambiguous boundaries between inside and outside the human body.
Debjani Bhardwaj – a visual storyteller, inspired by the realm of dreams and dreams within dreams, using delicate paper drawings and cutouts.
Jennifer Boldt – works in the place between science and art.
Mark Daniels – depicting the beauty of decay and transformation of Cold War objects and materials using emerging digital and traditional photographic processes.
Jane Dudley – the impact of institutionalisation through the language of sculpture and spontaneous mark-marking.
Judith Farr – exuberant and even child-like work that skips between the use of diverse low-brow materials, found objects, craft foam and glitter to create three-dimensional non-objective paintings.
Roshni Goonraj Beeharry – an evolutionary perspective on the familiar locale of her home island of Mauritius
Iain Holman – looking at how emotions can be conveyed by body language through the social masks we wear.
Alex Kershaw – takes the viewer on a journey into the depths of Birnam Wood to explore the sublime aspects of the landscape as seen through a scientific lens – the darker side of nature which is terrifying yet fascinating all at once.
Rosi Robinson – the merging of mental and physical spaces by making reference to, digitally tracing over or expanding found areas within images of derelict allotment huts.
Jilliene Sellner  – responding  to the gap between words and mark-making using text, drawing, sculpture, film, video and audio.

Posted by author: Elizabeth Underwood
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7 thoughts on “The Eleven MA Fine Art degree show

  • This is only the second MA show and it still feels like a new babe in OCA terms. On the other hand what the students have done is very sophisticated. They have organised a group show, a catalogue and all the accoutrements by liaising with each other online across the globe. Pretty impressive.

  • Of course, it won’t be a patch on next year’s show
    Seriously though, fingers crossed it goes well, and I’d like to get over there but not sure my schedule will allow for it at the moment. Possibly the 25th…

  • Thanks for the links to the websites and blogs, it is really interesting to see the diversity of works produced and to discover what the MA students are doing. I wish them all a successful show!

  • All eleven students have travelled over to set up their work, and they will be meeting guests and friends at the private view on Wednesday 15th June. They met face to face for the first time in the gallery today and with work that has arrived from across the globe in a range of media it is shaping up to be a fascinating show.

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