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David Hazlett

OCA tutor and assessor Emma Drye looks at the work of Painting 1 – Watercolour student David Hazlett. David has created a thorough investigation into his medium, through making and even more making he opens up the way he uses watercolour and allows it to do it’s own thing. He is radical in his use of colour and his understanding of space.

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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5 thoughts on “David Hazlett

  • Thank you for showcasing such interesting and heartening work. It has opened my eyes to the breadth that using watercolour can encompass. David, you have such clarity and lightness of touch.

  • I loved these! I’ve always been a bit scared of watercolour but I’m prepared to give it a go now if it can produce such luminosity and be used so creatively. Thank you David, it’s an eye opener. Wow.

  • Excellent stuff. It’s good to see a student take a step back from a subject to realise that there needs to be some investigation before moving the picture-making forward again. I’m always pleased when humble subjects are elevated (though I’m not sure that’s the word I really mean), through repeated looking, It’s like David has sees his shed in the same way that Morandi sees his bottles and flasks.

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