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Blog of the Week: Rob's Learning Blog

Demin Brogue

Blog of the week this month is Rob’s Learning Blog. It is one of the first illustration learning logs I have seen – the course was only introduced this year, but has has exceeded expectations in terms of enrolments. I was struck not just by the quality of the drawing but also by the effort is putting into the research for his course. Enjoy.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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4 thoughts on “Blog of the Week: Rob's Learning Blog

  • ‘has exceeded expectations in terms of enrolments’, I was hesitating between 2 courses. Marion from Painting suggested that I looked at Rob’s learning blog – and that made my decision easier. I’ve been on the Illustration course with OCA since September. Thanks Rob or is it Bert?.
    (On a less positive note, I would love to find a place on the website with a list of other illustration students blogs – there is probably something (I think I came across it once), but did not find it again when I looked for it. I think we would all benefit from something simple available for simple people like me!)

    • Hi mp
      I don’t think this suggestion is less positive – far from it – it will feature in the student site shortly. The old list was kept up to date by a volunteer student. Paul Vincent is working on an aggregator that will assemble the list from student profiles.

  • What an inspiring blog, as a fellow blogger I am now following Robs Learning Blog and look forward to seeing more of his work, well done!!! Rachel x

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