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Blog of the Week: Pam Wright

I am grateful to the OCASA Committee for flagging Pam Wright‘s learning blog for the Graphic Design course (I think it was Mary who told Stan who told me).
It is well worth a visit, not just to see how Pam is researching, recording and reflecting on her work but also the way she has used her IT skills (Pam describes herself as a ‘freelance IT person’) to produce stunning slideshows – her Visual Diary is mesmerising – rich in sources and interesting juxtapositions (I spotted Omar Camilleri’s feet had made it in).
It is so good in fact, that I rather fear that drawing attention to it could lead some students to become concerned about the standard of their learning logs – so don’t take it from me, this is what the Visual Communications Curriculum Leader, Christian Lloyd, has to say; ‘Pam’s is an exceptional blog – there’s a lot to praise in Pam’s blog in terms of how she’s using it as a learning log; all the blog posts are clearly tagged to make it easy to follow assignments and themes, there’s a clear sense of evaluation throughout and Pam has presented her creative working process, mistakes and all. But what I particularly like about it, is the tangential steps she makes, connecting the projects and assignments to her own interests. For example the posts on vernacular typography in Northern Kenya and Heptonstall that connect the typography exercises to her own experiences. Learning, like creativity is rarely a linear process, so this sense of visual exploration and additional research is great to see.’

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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4 thoughts on “Blog of the Week: Pam Wright

  • It’s always very gratifying to see OCA students producing thoughtful first rate work.
    An excellent blog with excellent work.
    Gareth’s even managed to re-purpose a billet-doux from it too, hope it has the desired effect. ‘ }
    Looks like a range extension to your greetings cards could have potential. ‘ }

  • A really fascinating blog – congratulations Pam! I particularly enjoyed the Heptonstall and Kenya posts. I will be looking at text much morre closely from now on.

  • Pam – I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to read your blog (which I have now bookmarked) and follow your creative journey. I had already bought a book on fonts, layout and visual display but your posts really bring all of this alive for me.

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