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A keen blogger, Lia Edwards keeps two. There’s one at Drawn to Creativity and another at Lia Edwards. There’s a bit of an overlap between the two, but what’s great it the variety of what she does: printmaking, illustration, bag making and photography. She also exhibits and goes to lots of exhibitions. The OCA illustration course is part of a suite of things she is doing to develop her creativity. It seems the best students use OCA courses as a framework for their creative development and are doing as much as they can in a variety of ways to develop.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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3 thoughts on “Blog of the week

  • Thank you, Lia! I really appreciate the insights in your blog about Process / Pretty Ordinary because it lets me see more clearly what I myself am doing – as well as adding to appreciating the work you show in that blog entry. Lovely clarity.

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