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"...although the fish is dead, it looks alive." - The Open College of the Arts
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"…although the fish is dead, it looks alive." thumb

"…although the fish is dead, it looks alive."

Continuing our series of tutors and assessors talking about student work. Here Jim Unsworth talks about Margaret Maclean’s work for the Drawing 1 Course

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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11 thoughts on “"…although the fish is dead, it looks alive."

  • It is SUCH a help to see other students’ work and to hear the tutor’s assessment remarks. It is also good to see that our tutors are ‘human’ and not a ‘view point’ behind our work. Working in isolation has very real problems and the more video snaps such as this one we can be given the more helpful it is. Thank you.

  • As I am doing Drawing 1 at the moment…. and having all sorts of debates with myself about what I am doing and how I am doing it I found this very helpful. Thanks

  • I loved the colours in your veg Margaret, I have been lookin at these colours and seeing yours is helpfull, thanks.

  • I have just enrolled with the OCA and feel very encouraged to see and hear the tutor’s crit,particularly because Jim gave such constructive feedback.I hope I will get the chance to watch a printing crit as I have enrolled onto a printing module. Thank you to both Jim and Margaret.

  • My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this first of all! I identify with the comments about the isolation that comes with distance learning, you don’t know what is expected of you and you have no idea about what work the other students on the same course are producing.
    When I see the drawings now and listen to the assessor’s comments I can see where he is coming from and what parts I could have strengthened within the drawings featured. This might have helped other students, and I’m glad it did, but it has also helped me.

  • Thank you for this video – I am on Drawing 1 and it is really helpful to hear an assessors comments – especially the comparison between two submissions of the same subject. Please keep these videos coming, as they are really useful.

  • I agree with the other student comments – it’s so useful to get the opinions of the tutors and to see the work of other students. Please keep on producing these videos. Many thanks.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comments. It is very helpful to see examples of work & hear constructive criticism. It helps me to recognise what the OCA are looking for & whether I am on the right track.

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