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Student work uncovered: Martyn Rainbird, Photography thumb

Student work uncovered: Martyn Rainbird, Photography

OCA tutor and assessor Garry Clarkson looks at the assessment submission of Photography level 1 student Martyn Rainbird and his Level 1 (HE4) Moving Image course ‘Setting the Scene’. After core units Expressing your Vision, and Context and Narrative, Martyn chose to move on to an optional unit on film production, which is always challenging transitioning from stills to the complexities of video. It was immediately obvious when assessing that Martyn shows an admirable advancement for what is a level one unit, with little or no previous video making experience. Through the range of assignments and excellent tutor feedback Martyn samples a particular task or conceptual theme (such as setting and clothing) and applies this to the structure of film narrative: “Identifying a central conflict and taking the shortest path to it”. Overall, his creative thinking, showing independent judgements and presenting a developing personal creative voice is successful. Effective design of the blog and learning log summarises research in an accessible manner and more importantly shows how he applied these concepts to the development of his final film ‘Autonomy’, a modern day dystopian moral tale of a rather egotistical and arrogant salesman who gets his comeuppance as a possessed sat nav takes it revenge.

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Posted by author: Garry Clarkson
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