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The Photography Degree Pathway

Since we have had the BA(Hons) Photography validated earlier this year, significantly larger numbers of students have been asking us how the courses fit together. We think this stuff is all in the Photography Handbook, but then we would, wouldn’t we? The other week we took the opportunity to ask Michael freeman to set out for potential students how he sees it fitting together. This video will go on the main OCA website on the photography page, but I thought it would be useful to post it here so that existing students could see it.
We do not cover the issue of Accreditation of Prior Learning as this will be the subject of another video that Jane will be making shortly. In the meantime the booklet which explains this is available to download here

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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6 thoughts on “The Photography Degree Pathway

  • It not only explains how the courses fit together but I personally found that the video explained very well the purpose of individual courses…

  • This video was insightful, as I am hoping to enrol at the end of the year. I did find the degree handbook useful though, too.
    Will the video about APL application also cover APEL? I have read the degree handbook, APL/APEL booklet and have also viewed various examples, but I’m still having trouble judging whether I can produce the sort of standard of photograph required for a successful APEL application (not to mention what credits to actually apply for!)

  • i am already studying taop and have just signed up for dpp but still found the video insightful and felt it gave a good clear message in terms of the plan to reach degree level, more info on level 2 and 3 would be good.

  • I’m glad you found the video helpful. It has become clear to us recently that there is a lot of information on the OCA website but videos like these provide a good way to structure the key things that students and potential students need to know. More videos are in production.
    Lauren – yes we will be producing a video about APEL. There are a couple of things to bear in mind:
    1. The key thing to focus on is the list of learning outcomes for each course in the photography handbook. This is what the panel is looking for evidence for.
    2. In making their decision the panel approaches the decision course by course, so there is nothing to lose by being ambitious, but please bear in mind that what the panel want is for the successful candidate to be able become a successful student. This means that when they are considering giving credit for an entire level, they are looking to see whether the student will be able to structure their thoughts an their work sufficiently to succeed in the less structured courses at the next level. Learning how to learn through distance learning is a skill in itself.
    I hope this helps

  • I found this video provided a valuable overview of the photographic courses and enjoyed the other videos on this blog too.

  • Thank you Gareth, I will keep your comments in mind. I hadn’t considered the point you made in the latter paragraph, but that makes sense. I look forward to the APEL video, thanks again.

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