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Progress on the OCA Student Association

Jim Smith gets a briefing from Registrar Stephanie Gillott

Jim Smith reports:
‘As you may know, the OCA is in the process of starting a Student Association as a way to enable students to make a positive contribution to the operation and development of the OCA, through consultation, representation and dialogue. It should also provide a further means of providing peer support.
We recently conducted a survey to explore expectations and the wishes of the student body for the formation and nature of the student association. Some 220 students responded, with about 80 making detailed qualitative responses alongside the quicker multi-choice options. This does indicate a good level of interest in the student association, which may bode well for the future election of representatives. Many thanks to those who took the time to respond.
I am currently working with OCA to progress the feedback we have received into a workable structure for the association, taking into account the views expressed. Fortunately there was strong consensus on many key issues, and this makes the task of meeting the expectations that much easier. In particular there was considerable enthusiasm for the SA committee to be based upon representation through subject groups, with 75% of respondents favouring this option. This tied in well with the suggested size of the committee, which most respondents suggested should number 5 or 6 people. Also 74% felt that the SA should try to develop peer support within subject areas, with 84% suggesting this should be electronically.
There are many other aspects of the survey which are helping to shape the way forward, but the headline news is that we do hope to move fairly soon to an election of a student association president.
Jim D N Smith, OCASA consultant’

An outline budget for the Student Association together with Jim’s recommendations based on the student survey will be presented to our Board of Trustees at their meeting on 3 March.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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5 thoughts on “Progress on the OCA Student Association

  • I am all for the student being able to have voice. So many
    colleges disallow this. So I look forward with interest as to the
    developments of the student association as it progresses.

  • Many thanks for your continuing efforts on our behalf, Jim. It’s good to know the Student Association is beginning to take shape.

  • I have very recently become interested in OCA and am very impressed so far. I shall watch with interest to see how the Student Association develops

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