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OCASA Committee Elections

Following Stan’s announcement earlier this week, we are now ready to hold elections for members of the OCASA Executive Committee.
There are six vacancies to represent the following course areas:
Fine Art, History of Art & Masters Programme;
Creative Writing;
Visual Communications;
Students who wish to stand for election should nominate themselves. You can only stand for the committee for a course area you have studied or are currently studying with the OCA and you can only nominate yourself for one course area. Please email a 250 word election statement (setting out why other students should choose you) and a 250 personal biography (setting out information that you think other students should know about you) to the returning officer, Dee Whitmore ([email protected]) by 09:00 BST on 3 August.
Where there are multiple nominations for a committee post an election will be held. Details of the candidates will be published on WeAreOCA on 9 August together with details of how to vote. Students in the relevant course area will have until 12:00 BST on 1 September to register their vote.
Where there is only a single nomination for a committee post, the student will be elected unopposed to the committee and their statements published on WeAreOCA as a matter of record.
Election results will be published on WeAreOCA on 9 September.
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Posted by author: Deborah Riccio

8 thoughts on “OCASA Committee Elections

  • You will of course want to know what is involved in becoming a member of the OCASA Executive – but it is a little difficult to predict with accuracy. Certainly there will be meetings, perhaps around six a year to begin with as we get up and running. This might reduce to four p.a. subsequently. Alongside that there will be some correspondence and consultation with students and other Exec members which is difficult to quantify. There probably will be roles to fill once the constitution is in place.
    This may all seem a little vague, but what is certain is that you will have a lot of support from OCA, and an interesting time working within OCASA and with the OCASA President, Stan Dickinson.

    • Thanks, Jim, and just to add to what you have said – one of the characteristics that will make for an effective member of the executive in these early days will be a genuine enthusiasm for getting involved in something at the formative stage. I really can’t say, in any detail, what your job description will be – other than engaging yourself with this new organisation and doing your best to make sure that it gets off the ground successfully. There’s a lot to put in place and ideas will be important, but so will a willingness to recognise that things need to get done.
      I got involved because I can see that OCASA has the potential to be a highly important element in the future of OCA, both enhancing the experience of those studying now – us, in other words – and positively influencing developments for those who will study in the future. There’s a job to be done, something genuinely interesting and rewarding. There are going to be plenty of frustrations, compromises and mistakes of course – that’s inevitable – but we should be able to see something worthwhile at the end, and that’s what it’s all about.
      Is this beginning to sound like a recruiting campaign? Well, good! Come and get involved – your college needs you!

  • I had thought about going for this, but circumstances change and I’ll not be able to spare the time. I’m looking forward to seeing what the committee comes up with though, and I hope to be able to provide what support I can.
    Good luck to whoever enters…

  • Thats tempting, I’d certainly like to get involved, and I like the addition of a personal biography as I felt thats something that was needed when the president nominations and voting was taking place.
    I also second Rob in wishing all the subject reps good luck.

  • It occurs to me that we don’t seem to have pointed out either here or in my announcement earlier in the week that elected members of the committee will serve for a maximum of two years. My apologies for not including that information before.

  • Come and join me … | We are OCA says
    […] It’s lonely out here as the only elected representative! Details of how to get involved are here. I believe that we have some nominees but we need more. I am sure that you wouldn’t want your […]

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