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Music Degree coming soon

After consulting current music students the OCA Trustees took the decision yesterday to develop an honours degree in music. The degree will have a specific focus on composition and contextual studies. This will be the world’s first open learning composition degree.
We will take the degree specification to a Validation Board at the University for the Creative Arts in the first half of the 2015/16 academic year, with the first new courses appearing in the same year.
One of the factors which influenced the Trustees was the evident commitment from existing students. Here are just a couple of quotes:
‘I think if you develop the course to a full degree and advertise it well that you will increase the take up hugely. I work with thousands of doctors (I am Head of Postgraduate Medical Education at an English university) many of whom are consummate musicians and have expressed a deep interest in my studies in music and composition with the OCA. They had never heard of the OCA (publicity and marketing sorely needed) and the excellent music courses you offer and many, I know, would be interested in following a programme to degree qualification. Your music modules are unique and of exceptional quality and far ahead of anything available…’
‘The Music courses offered by OCA are unique – I’ve found no similar provision at any other institution, including the Open University. They are exciting, challenging and structured with great skill.’
Throughout the consultation we have involved the OCA Student Association music representative, Martin Richardson, and this is what he had to say on hearing the outcome yesterday: 
‘ I was pleased with the way that the consultation was conducted and delighted at the outcome. I will be  signing up to the new  music degree and would encourage my fellow students to give the new courses their full support.’
As our proposals take shape we will keep students updated with further posts on WeAreOCA.
Gareth Dent
Chief Executive

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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12 thoughts on “Music Degree coming soon

  • What a positive and exciting outcome! I’m delighted to hear that OCA will be building upon what is a stimulating and brilliantly-structured series of composition courses and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new degree programme. Excellent news for all music students, present and to come.

  • I spent the weekend indulging in the Tango La Cumparsita. Listened to almost all the OCA You Tube clips available on display. Then I was beautifully lost in a fifty year flashback. There was I!..In my room using a silencer, on the violin,,being a second year learner, so,,preserving the family,s peace and kind to their ears. Also to cheat a little, off the scales and arpeggios,secretly indulged in playing La Cumparsita,over and over….At the same time uneasy of my mother telling me off for not practicing…. When to my surprise I heard her singing our version in Greek,and came in to see.’ I am trying to caress the strings and create a tremolo largo di molto mother as my fingers moved gently gliding a little!’ I said,and quickly added ‘Just like father!’ ‘ Well! it was good using the silencer!, but you can use my sawing room at the back of the Kitchen and not bother using the silencer!’ I am not sure to this day whether she was being tactful by diversion or helpful. since she was singing!’ But the tune was music to her ears . Thank you OCA, for the week end e-mails,and for this selective addition to the creative courses. It is exciting…,rhapsodic…music to my ears. I wish you the very best of success.

  • Delighted to hear this. Without knowing much about the wider context within which the decision was made It seemed likely that the music course were either going to be downgraded or upgraded,so this is great news !
    I’m looking forward to hearing about the new courses which will complete the degree structure. Still, better not get too carried away, I need to complete my current (Composing 2 Course) first !

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