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Graduating feels good, being hungry less so… thumb

Graduating feels good, being hungry less so…

Sandra Martin and Margaret Mansell

It was fabulous to meet some of our students as they graduated last week at Bucks New University in High Wycombe. A pity we didn’t prepare rather more carefully. Sandra and Margaret were very gracious but it was a shame that Sandra’s father and Margaret didn’t get a meal. It’s a long story, but suffice to say when I asked why the catering was taking so long I was told ‘Sorry we are short of staff, many of them are students and they are graduating today!’

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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10 thoughts on “Graduating feels good, being hungry less so…

  • Congratulations Sandra and Margaret!!
    It is immensely motivating to see the faces of students who once were, where we are now! Best of luck!

  • Congratulations Sandra and Margaret!!! Well done!!! I wish both all the best in your adventure which has not ended but taken to the next level.
    I’m so excited! One day, that would be me!

  • Thank you. I can’t believe I’ve finally done it! I was so tired when we got home, but couldn’t resist printing off the photos and had to do as little jig everytime I got up from the sofa.
    Thanks to the OCA and no worries about the meal the thought was lovely. Hoping to keep in touch with the OCA and really I want to be a tutor.
    Very best of luck to all of the students – keep plugging away – art is brilliant – go for it!

  • Well done – great to see people finishing at the end of their course – I’ve only been doing it for 4 weeks, so a little while to go yet….
    Congratulations – hard work I’m sure, but worth it.

  • WELL DONE! Congratulations to all who graduated. I am so looking forward to the day when it is my turn and I can throw my cap in the air! Onward and upward!

  • Congratulations to Sandra and Magaret for graduating at Bucks University. I know you must be really delighted, as I was when I graduated at Glamorgan University some years ago. We can thank the OCA and its dedicated tutors for all the support that they have given us over the years. well done again girls and I hope it will open many doors for both of you.

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