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Blog of the week: Marmalade Cafe

Blog of the week this month is Marmalade Cafe written and photographed by Penny Watson. Penny enrolled on Art of Photography last year and was encouraged by her tutor to make an APEL application (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning – where you assemble a portfolio of work and a personal statement). The application was successful and Penny was awarded 120 credits for the whole of level one of the BA(Hons) Photography degree and she then transferred to the level two Social Documentary course. There are two things I particularly like about Penny’s blog. Firstly, she looks at the work of other photographers and records her thoughts. Secondly, her blog is open about the fact that sometimes it is difficult study and the inspiration seems lacking. Real life gets in the way and sometimes that life is more real than any of us would wish for. Active in the discussion on the student forums about the ethics of reportage photography, Penny recently found herself close to the centre of a media storm.
Look at Penny Watson’s APEL application.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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4 thoughts on “Blog of the week: Marmalade Cafe

  • I loved Marmalade Cafe – it inspired me to go back to my OCA learning blog, update it and make it public. Prior to this I’ve just been getting more and more behind precisely because of the reasons Penny outlines. I think the fact that others can see it and be inspired by it makes it all the more worth doing. Thank you Penny Watson!

  • Glad you found it inspiring Martina. Since originally posting this article Penny has agreed that people can see her APEL submission so I have linked to it in the article.

  • Last night I was unable to sleep. I was so moved by Penny@s work.Inspired , because I feel that we are on the same journey, but Penny is flying, in spite of (or because of) her pain, and I am wadeing through mud. I live in South Cumbria and have had the same thoughts about photographs of loely views. I now like to concentrate on seascapes, but have not quite reached the standard of Hiroshi Sugimoto.Currently I am plucking up courage to take some nude photographs to illustrate poems by a friend , describing her path from despair to joy. I have a couple of volunteer models, and know I can do it since seeing Penny’s work. Many thanks

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