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Assessment Results

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Following yesterday’s Award Board chaired by UCA, confirmed assessment results are available on the student website here.
With over two hundred students submitting work for assessment, this was the largest November assessment event in the College’s history.

Posted by author: Paul Vincent
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12 thoughts on “Assessment Results

  • Well done for getting the results out swiftly. I can’t you how hard the waiting is! Now if only we could get the detailed feedback out in the same timeframe…. 🙂

    • I know you are jesting Pete, but it could be something to put to your OCASA rep. All the feedback is there written up before the Award Board. If students were happy to download their results and feedback from the student site, rather than receive it as a letter, I think we could accelerate the process considerably.

  • An email with the feedback would be just fine. But the whole process is so much slicker than it used to be and although I have no nails left it is good to have the results posted on a given day.

  • Congratulations to all students whose portfolios were assessed. The individual journeys were fascinating to see with some truly inventive and exciting pieces that showed real commitment to an idea and creativity and skills beyond expectations. Well done everyone.

  • Can I ask a simple question? Some of the numbers are greyed out, but have scores. What’s the significance of that?

    • It would be interesting to know how many of those grey boxes were deliberate. Mine was certainly down to not paying enough attention to the submission form. 🙁

  • Thanks for the hard work and effort put into the Assessment Event and the relatively short time period of waiting for results. Quick feedback by email would put the icing on the cake.

  • Feedback at the same time would be great, and I’m happy to have this electronically either via email or download. Getting a mark that you’re not necessarily expecting and having to wait for feedback to see why means even more nailbiting on behalf of the student.

  • I too am happy to get my feedback electronically – email or download. Whilst my result is more or less what I expected I am still curious to read the feedback.

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