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2020/21 Fees communication - The Open College of the Arts
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2020/21 Fees communication

We are announcing today the fees which will apply in the next academic year (from 01 August 2020 to 31 July 2021).

In light of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we feel that it would be wrong to increase fees in the forthcoming period for our students, especially given the uncertain global economic conditions and the likelihood that some students may be at increased risk of financial hardship.

We have therefore taken the decision to fix fees for the 2020/21 academic year at the current 2019/20 fee point for our existing undergraduate, foundation, and personal learning provision. In addition, we have removed the MA application fee and introduced a new set of lower fees for the new postgraduate programmes, which will run from January 2021, in order to lower the barrier to postgraduate study. The fees are listed here

We want to keep fees low for all students whilst maintaining the high quality that students have come to expect from OCA.

We provide transparency around the costs of study at OCA, including fees, which will continue to remain much lower than all of our direct competitors. We now publish financial information for students annually to explain how the money we receive is spent. The latest information explains how funding was spent during 2018-19.

OCA has invested heavily to improve the student experience; to ensure value for money, and will continue to do so. OCA has invested in the University for the Creative Arts and Copyright Licencing Agency digital library resources and services, providing students with access to a wealth of reading materials including CLA ‘digital content store’. OCA has invested in a Virtual Learning Environment and digital technologies to enhance the student experience and improve outcomes for students which we are rolling out during 2020/21. We are giving students more engagement time with tutors from 2020/21 with more opportunity for tutor led peer sessions such as group work and group critiques. Student feedback has indicated how important these sessions are to progression and study success. 

We have also expanded the scope of the Learner Support Scheme, opening up funding to all students on a low income, whether Student Finance funded or not, to assist in purchasing artistic materials and other items to help your studies.

Please remember to stay safe at this time, and be creative when you can.

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