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What do you call Santa’s elves? Subordinate Clauses! thumb

What do you call Santa’s elves? Subordinate Clauses!

I was such a good pupil at school, I didn’t learn to read.

Here, And, They, Can – my Grandma would sit with me for hours at the dining table trying to make me understand these simplest of words. The problem was I was so well behaved, the teachers didn’t know they had me. Nobody in the office believes that though.  

At the time, not being able to read didn’t bother me. I experienced literature through the tall tales of my Grandad, who also couldn’t read. I’d hand him a book to open, and we’d just make our own abstract interpretation of the lines on the page.

I don’t think that’s changed. I mean, I can read now and my Grandad’s dead, so that has changed. But the individual perspective we take to the page is the one thing we all share. Creative writing encourages an insight into how and why we are affected by things, and we all take something different away because we all bring something different.

No matter your social or educational background, a good story will reach out. The Creative Writing Degree has been developed with the intentions that students will be enrolling with varying levels of experience – the ability to read, however, is a must!

Students start by establishing good writing practices. Whether you have a writing room or a cupboard under the stairs, you’ll learn the benefits of engaging with productive habits that will help you build a portfolio of short stories, and begin to hone your drafting and editing skills with the support of feedback from tutors who are actively engaged in professional writing.

You’ll go on to explore a range of mediums and genres, from poetry to scriptwriting or our new Level 1 unit, ‘Starting Your Novel’, and learn how to reflect on your work and other authors to support your development as a writer.

The Creative Writing Degree gives you the opportunity to develop your style, and whilst you will be exploring other works as part of study, you’ll be examining your own writing and learning how to sustain your practice. Particularly at Level 3, where you’ll have opportunity to focus on a large-scale creative project.

So, at this magical time of year where we are surrounded by star-speckled homes and feeling extra Santa-mental (sorry, my boss made me do it) get inspired by creative writing again.

My Grandad’s stories always had the same ending; with Grandma and I on the edge of our seat, and propelling my desire to learn how to read.

Where did your creative writing inspiration begin?  

This has been our twelfth day of #accessoca, join us again tomorrow.

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Posted by author: Emma George
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