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What publishers are looking for

As promised for all those budding authors at OCA we have part two of the interview with literary agent Philippa Milnes-Smith. In this installment Philippa talks about how to make your work standout from the 50 plus manuscripts her agency receives every week and what to expect from an agent should your work be strong enough to make the grade.
As before OCA Writing for Children course author Livi Michael performs interview duties while yours truly stays firmly behind the camera!
Part one of his interview can be seen here.

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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2 thoughts on “What publishers are looking for

  • Not quite sure why but I find this video, like other OCA ones, not easy to view. Have up to date equipment and software yet the vidoes stick every now and then making watching a rather onerous process. AMANO

  • Hi Amano,
    We encode the video using the settings recommended by Vimeo for HD. It could be that your internet connection isn’t fast enough to keep up due to the quite large file size. Have you tried turning HD off?
    Having said that I have had problems with stuttering playback on Vimeo in the past if i didn’t let the whole video load before playing so give that a go to see if it helps.

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