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Study event review: OCA East of England - The Open College of the Arts
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Study event review: OCA East of England

Saturday 18 May

11 students joined OCA tutor Andrea Norrington for a session on bookmaking at The Hub in Melbourn.
It was great to see some familiar faces, but also welcome several new students to the group.

Andrea started off by introducing bookmaking and showing some examples of books made using waste materials.  
The session focused around making a mini-concertina book and each student successfully made their book.  In the session, students were shown how to cover hard backed covers and hopefully gained some useful tips on how to glue cover materials and on the assembly of books.

Whilst the covers were drying, Andrea showed a range of examples of how a simple concertina could be developed and scaled up to a variety of uses for students of all disciplines.

“I’ve just written up what we did yesterday and as many of your tips and information as I could remember.  Had an excellent day yesterday so big thank you to and Tanya for organising and everyone else for their great company.  My mind is ticking over with lots of possibilities and feeling very inspired. So glad I made the effort to come down.”

Sara – OCA Painting Student

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting workshop.  I think it will be a fantastic way to present illustration and graphic design and I’m really excited about the possibilities!  I can see lots of potential for projects outside of my OCA studies too. Thank you Tanya for organising; it was great to meet other students too.”

Clair – OCA Graphics Student

To find out more on book making there is a two-part blog post on The Making of Books on WeAreOCA.
The Making of Books: Part 1
The Making of Books: Part 2
At the end of the session, several students informally shared recent work and projects and the discussion continued outside as the weather was so nice.

Forthcoming Meetings
Saturday 27 July – The Hub in Melbourn
Andrea will be leading a discussion on the influence of curatorship within the creative arts.
There will be time in this meeting for students to also share and discuss their own work.
Places are limited due to the size of the venue and sign up details will be available nearer the time.  
Saturday 28 September – East of England coast – venue yet to be decided!
This is a practical session of drawing/sketching/photographing/writing at the coast – more details to come.
If you would like to be updated with forthcoming events with the East of England group, we have a mailing list – please email andreanorrington@oca.ac.uk to add your OCA email address to the list.  
You can also find out what the group is up to via the EoE Facebook page  – link here.
Thank you to Tanya for all the organising of events so far this year.

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