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Sketchbook Sunday

Textile student Fiona Mitchell used forward thinking and enterprise to blanket email (apologetically!) her coursemates on the student site.
Her initiative was Sketchbook Sunday – a platform for Pre-Degree and Degree students to showcase their work simply and honestly.
It’s a valuable resource for students to engage in constructive criticism, to share, ‘borrow’ ideas and problem solve. Fiona invited tutors Sandra Flower and Pat Hodson to contribute so it is somewhere to access the opinions of tutors as well as peers.


Sketchbooks can be a bit daunting for the average textiles student and studying at home and alone can lead to a certain level of self-doubt and nerves; Am I doing things the right way? Is it any good?  Etc.
I’ve previously written about removing some of the distance in distance learning. And this is another great example of students taking ownership of their course and their site.
“I’m really pleased with the amount of interest this has generated. I know that for me personally it spurs me on to get my sketchbook out and do something that I feel is good enough to share and it’s always helpful to hear what people have to say about your work. I’ve picked up some really useful tips from others who have been generous with their ideas. Of course the more people join in the better it will get.”
If you are a textiles student check it out and share your work. If you’re studying a different subject why not launch your own thread?




Posted by author: Joanne
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3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sunday

  • Hello Amanda,
    If you are on the home page of the student site, hover over the ‘comms’ section and click on forums.
    Scroll down the page to general forums and there are specific ones for each subject area. Enter the textiles one and you should find the Sketchbook Sunday thread.
    If you have any difficulty I will send some screenshots directly to you, just let me know.

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