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Be part of the OCASA committee

These are exciting times for the OCA and being part of the OCA Student Association Committee (OCASA) puts you in a position to influence the way students can experience their studies with the college for the better. If you have the time, interest and drive you can make a real difference to the way the college works and the way a student experiences their studies. As well as having the opportunity to influence the overall student experience you would also be giving a direct voice to your study area via the representative role.
Student representative activities are necessarily flexible as they evolve to keep pace with changes as a result of new degree pathways, student demographics and OCA/UCA operating processes. OCASA is also in a position to encourage a growing level of student initiated activities and student networking to supplement course content and enhance the learning experience further.
If these sound like the sort of areas you would like to be involved in then you may be interested in the following openings on the committee that are shortly to become available for Photography (currently including the Vice President role) and Music (currently including the Treasurer’s role). These are key positions on the committee due the extra dimensions of the roles. We also have existing openings for positions as Textiles and Creative Arts representatives. Further information on the representatives role can be found here on the OCASA website.
If you are interested in any of the roles above you can contact Teresa Lanham, President of OCASA at [email protected]

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4 thoughts on “Be part of the OCASA committee

  • As a previous President of OCASA I would wholeheartedly recommend becoming involved in OCASA for two reasons: Firstly it provides a great insight into how the College works, which can only be beneficial to OCASA committee members in their own studies. And secondly, because of how the College includes OCASA in its development proposals, the role can have a direct influence on how the College develops, which is especially important right now as OCA and UCA become ever more closer.
    I’m also happy to answer any questions if you want a second opinion from current committee members.

  • This is important – really important! I hope that Teresa has been inundated with interest in these roles that are so significant in developing the student experience in OCA. But, just in case you haven’t read this and seriously considered getting involved, I’m bumping it back up the WeAreOCA agenda. It’s six years since we set up OCASA and, through a period of massive change, the Student Association has played an absolutely essential role as influencer, supporter, and sometimes challenger to the College’s progress – primarily through the work done by John, Teresa and their committees over the last few years. Please think carefully – and then do something to get involved. It will be nothing but beneficial to you and your fellow students.

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