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New level three programme for Creative Writing

Jane image_blogWe are pleased to announce two new courses to replace the existing two courses that make up the level three programme for creative writing. These two new courses go live on 1 April.
Written by the OCA Curriculum Leader for Creative Writing, Chris Arthur, these two courses are entitled Retrospect and Prospect and the final course Independent Project. Each are worth 60 credits, the same proportion of credits as the existing courses.
Chris says: ‘The point of both courses is to foster robustly independent writers who can work effectively on their own creative projects.’
Chris hopes that the courses will help foster some first rate writing, and that students will find them worthwhile and enjoyable courses. He stresses that whether they do so depends largely on the mentoring relationship between tutor and student:
‘A written course can only do so much. It needs the alchemy of human engagement and interchange to transform the lead of printed text into something more valuable’.
The courses will facilitate OCA students to do whatever writing projects they wish to do. The first course focuses on consideration of where you might want to go as a writer before focussing in on strategies that might help you get there. The final course, Independent Project, raises some of the rules that have been suggested for good writing and how they might be usefully applied. Both courses contain advice and pointers on publication, though neither is intended to be a ‘how to’ guide to getting your work in print.
Existing students already on the current level three programme will, of course, still be able to have these courses assessed. If you are coming up to finishing your first level three creative writing course, you can choose whether to move onto the new level three final course ‘Independent Project’ or the existing ‘Advanced’ course. OCA will keep the existing level three courses open for those who prefer to enrol on these courses, until the end of July 2014.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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One thought on “New level three programme for Creative Writing

  • Too late for me but much needed. I’m sure it will be great and a big encouragement to continue to the end and the nirvana of a degree.

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