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“How proficient with Powerpoint are you? I Excel at that” - The Open College of the Arts
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“How proficient with Powerpoint are you? I Excel at that” thumb

“How proficient with Powerpoint are you? I Excel at that”

Why do people embark on doing a degree? There are as many reasons to do a degree as there are students, but a consistent one is around careers.
As an eighteen year old I took a degree in Environmental Sciences in no small part because I thought it would open up more doors for a potential future career than other options. On the flip side I’m losing count now of the number of people I know who started out in a particular field but are now doing a degree in order to move into a different sector.
There’s any number of jobs these days that say “must have first degree or equivalent” in the essential criteria, or for work in specialised areas where a particular degree and training is needed.
If you’re interested in a degree in the creative arts, and thinking about your career, either current or future, you’re in luck.
The Creative Industries are the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, growing at a rate almost double that of the economy as a whole. This all means that there are increasing opportunities to work in a vibrant and exciting sector, and the Government is supporting this with £20m funding through the Creative Industries Sector Deal.
Even if you’re not interested in going to work for a company but want to strike out on your own as a professional artist or otherwise, studying with OCA you’re covered. Through studying the Sustaining Your Practice unit you’ll be shown how to promote yourself, and put on exhibitions.
Not only that but we’ve covered in a recent blog how you can use your hobby to improve your career prospects so even if you don’t want to use your degree with your career, there’s still options to use the skills you learn.
So join us today, and start your journey into something creative.
This has been day twenty-one of #accessoca, join us again tomorrow.

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Posted by author: Craig Dewis

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