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Don’t discount the benefits of being a student! thumb

Don’t discount the benefits of being a student!

Are you a fan of discounts? I know I am. Some just absolutely blow me away! See what I did there? No? Yes okay, I should probably quit while I’m ahead. All joking aside, the first thing I do before I purchase anything, is check if the store has a sale on or if they have any valid online voucher codes. Don’t even get me started on the Black Friday discounts…As cliche as the whole scenario sounds, I had to practically fight my way to the counter. Just how I wanted to start my weekend!
Who wants to pay full price, when you can use your student status to your advantage. Do your research and take a look at who offers the biggest discounts to save yourself some money. After all it’s just common cents. Sorry that was lame, but let’s be honest we all love a good bargain!
As part of being a student with us, you have access to many, many student discounts. So many in fact, that I couldn’t help myself. I used my OCA email address to sign up and get some of my Christmas shopping out of the way. Suffice it so say my wallet isn’t suffering as much as it normally would do. Hurray!
There is an abundance of retailers who offer discounts through websites such as UNiDAYS, Student Beans and NUS Extra. You can also make in store purchases using your OCA Student Card to reduce the cost, which you are issued with when you enrol with us. Not all retailers offer student discounts, so make sure to ask if in doubt. Trust me it’s for your own elf and safety. Oh deer, I really need to stop. I just couldn’t help myself. Bad puns, that’s how eye roll….
Take a look at our Student Discounts page. You will find out more info about Adobe, Apple and Microsoft packages, all of which are available to you as a student.
This has been day seventeen of #accessoca, join us again tomorrow.

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Posted by author: Xhenifa Diko
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