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Don’t choose between your pen and your paintbrush thumb

Don’t choose between your pen and your paintbrush

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that most people discover their love of art when they’re a child. Whether it be making a mess with paint in your kitchen at home, or creating a weird and wonderful sculpture in art class at school, I suspect that is where most people start.
If we talk about open access, there is nothing more open, or accessible than that. Children know no boundaries, and think nothing of throwing together the most violent shades of fuchsia pink and deep purple on a 12 foot dinosaur… or was that just me?
Creative Arts is just that. Creative Arts is the place to release your inner child and experiment and be wild.
Normally when you do a degree, you start off with lots of small modules or units, cover a vast array of different areas within your chosen topic, find out what you like and start to funnel down increasing specialisations.
The Creative Arts degree is different. You still have lots of different subject areas to choose from (seven in fact), but what makes this degree unique is that it is interdisciplinary. By this, we mean you get to throw shapes and shades together (metaphorically and literally) and create an artistic practice that is yours, your own distinctive style.
You could take sculpture, and moving image and end up creating dinosaurs on the set of Jurassic Park (I’m projecting again), or you could mix poetry and composing music together and wind up doing a spoken word night at the local gig venue (just a thought).
That’s what Creative Arts is, a place for you to experiment and be yourself. If you’re not sure what most interests you, this could be the place, as with no qualifications needed anyone can join us and start creating all things bright and beautiful today.
We are one of few universities in the UK to offer a true creative arts degree drawing from subjects across the artistic spectrum, and offering an unparalleled opportunity to mix and match and create a programme of study that is unique to you.  
And don’t forget, this was the first degree that we offered, so by taking this you’re going back to the heart of OCA’s mission and joining us on a journey of access and discovery.
This has been our fourth day of #accessoca, join us tomorrow for day five ….

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Posted by author: Craig Dewis
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