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OCA creative challenges: Stop motion papercraft - The Open College of the Arts
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OCA creative challenges: Stop motion papercraft

We’re into week 3 of our creative challenges campaign. So far we’ve introduced you to basic stop motion techniques and visual storytelling. This week our introduction to stop motion papercraft will allow you to combine both those challenges and develop your skills.

Using paper cut-outs is a great way to get into stop-motion animation. You can create your own characters and scenery either through digital drawing or by hand drawing and painting. You can print off images of existing characters (maybe from your favourite cartoon), or use some that someone else has already made for you. You can also create intricate and beautiful jointed puppets. There’s nothing stopping you from using photographs too. Depending which you use, your animation will have a different style and aesthetic. 

Below you will find a step by step slideshow, a downloadable pdf and some templates. Enjoy and share your creations with us using #WeAreOCA. 

Watch the step by step slideshow here.

PDF Download- Stop-motion Papercraft Workshop-compressed.

Paper Puppet Template.

Cut-out Creations Download.

Revisit our previous challenges:

Introduction to stop motion.

Introduction to visual storytelling.

Next time we’re going to look at the basics of sculptural skills.

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