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OCA creative challenges: Sculpting with clay - The Open College of the Arts
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OCA creative challenges: Sculpting with clay thumb

OCA creative challenges: Sculpting with clay

Clay is an incredibly versatile material, and has been used to create everything from vases to Venus’. It is used to create crafts, make miniatures for doll houses and small sets, and to design and make props and characters in the film industry.

In this workshop we will explore clay as a medium, getting to know it’s properties and variations. We will look at tools and textures, make miniatures and learn how to create characters from the base armature through to fully fleshed out sculpts.

Below you will find a step by step slideshow and a downloadable pdf. Enjoy and share your creations with us using #WeAreOCA. 

Watch the step by step slideshow here.

Sculpting with Clay

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Posted by author: Emma Jackson
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One thought on “OCA creative challenges: Sculpting with clay

  • It is amazing! I was just thinking about trying clay. I think that the characters from the clay look more interesting than from plasticine, for instance. Thank you for this guide!

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