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OCA creative challenges: Making poseable dolls - The Open College of the Arts

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OCA creative challenges: Making poseable dolls

Poseable dolls, or art dolls as they’re more often called, have had a sudden resurgence in recent years in the hand-made arts industry because of their beautiful and individual nature, and collective value. Artists create and sell art dolls that resemble characters from popular culture, mythological creatures, hyper-realistic celebrities and stand-for poignant messages.

There are many different types of art dolls, the main two being soft-bodied (made using a mixture of soft materials, clay pieces and armatures) and ball-jointed (made entirely of clay with highly moveable joints).

In this workshop we will be looking at making a very basic art doll with a completely soft body and sculpted clay face, but the skills that you will learn by doing this can be applied to more complex and ambitious projects.

Below you will find a step by step slideshow and a downloadable pdf. Enjoy and share your creations with us using #WeAreOCA. 

Watch the step by step slideshow here.

Poseable Dolls pdf.

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