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OCA creative challenges: Making miniatures, the basics - The Open College of the Arts
OCA creative challenges: Making miniatures, the basics thumb

OCA creative challenges: Making miniatures, the basics

Miniatures and miniature worlds date back as far as Ancient Egypt, when model replicas of ships were built and buried alongside people in their tombs. Most famously, throughout history, miniatures have been used in dollhouses, and have featured as centrepieces in famous collections, including that of Queen Mary.

Today, miniatures are used in a variety of different ways. Dollhouses and model ships are still highly crafted, but the use of miniatures has branched out to include use in tabletop gaming, interior design and stop-motion animation.

In this workshop we will look at using basic materials and techniques to create a selection of miniature pieces. These basic skills and small projects will open the doors to an entire miniature world of possibilities.

Below you will find a step by step slideshow and a downloadable pdf. Enjoy and share your creations with us using #WeAreOCA. 

Watch the step by step slideshow here.

Miniature Making pdf

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