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Piloting a new way of interacting with tutors online. thumb

Piloting a new way of interacting with tutors online.

In response to student and tutor feedback the Photography team have started to trial the provision of regular online groups, defined by unit and led by a tutor who has a special interest in that area. These groups are intended to compliment (not replace) the existing regular hangouts happening that are forum-wide, facilitated by tutors and those that are student led. The idea is to diversify and create other alternate, online spaces for student communities.
To begin with, we’ll be targeting our first 2 courses – Foundations In Photography and Expressing Your Vision with monthly groups lasting up to an hour, led by the tutors who lead those units. The long term plan is for this pilot provision to become a regular feature of OCA teaching that could be rolled out across programmes as required. Your support, participation and feedback is appreciated.
More info on each group and how to sign up below:

Expressing Your Vision – monthly online group with tutor and course author, Robert Bloomfield.

Who you are?
I’m Robert, artist and photographer and Unit Lead for EYV. I’ve got a strong interest in contemporary developments in photography and visual culture generally and in my own practice I shoot analogue film, both because film is a beautiful and contemplative thing in its own right but also because I’m attracted to its irrationality. In our culture of efficiency and ever higher rates of production, shooting film seems to be a kind of act of resistance – futile maybe, but human! 
What sorts of things are typically covered at a session?
We’ll discuss key points from the EYV course as we go through the year. The next one will be on the Collecting assignment.
When are the sessions?
3rd Tuesday of the month at 6pm.
How do I join in?
Just accept the email invitation sent via the EYV email group and I’ll see you there!
You can also email Robert at: robertbloomfield@oca.ac.uk

Foundations In Photography – monthly online group with tutor and unit lead, Jayne Taylor.

As you hopefully already know, we are now running a monthly online meeting for students enrolled on Foundations in Photography. This is offered as an informal, supportive space and is a valuable opportunity for you to:-

  • ‘Meet’ and connect with your fellow students online
  • Ask questions about the course
  • Test ideas and seek feedback on your work-in-progress
  • See what other people are working on
  • Talk through any difficulties and become ‘unstuck’

As Unit Leader, I will be there to guide the conversation, offer feedback, answer questions (‘surgery’ style). There will be a new discussion topic each month related in some way to the course materials.
When are the sessions?
Online, on the last Tuesday of the month at 730pm GMT
How do I join in/joining info?
Just accept the email invitation sent via the FIP email group, follow the link to the online meeting space and I’ll see you there!
Let me know if you have any questions at all. Very much looking forward to seeing you there.
You can also email Jayne at: jaynetaylor@oca.ac.uk

Forum Live with Clive White

Who are you?
Clive White, OCA Tutor; previously London based freelance photographer for design and advertising; specialising in food, drinks, still life, room sets, people on location for annual reports. Interests, cooking and guitars.
 What sorts of things are typically covered at a session?
Students take turns in hosting. It’s open to all students and all topics; crits. of work, discussions of issues arising from courses or student experiences, clarification for queries, ideas and approaches.
When are the sessions?
Every 2 weeks on Sundays at 6pm. Sessions are announced in the Student Forum with a new posting for each meeting, which becomes the agenda as attendees post their topics or links to work in advance.
How do I join in?
The Comms. page of the student site is where you can sign up for the Meet.
You can also email Clive at: clivewhite@oca.ac.uk

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