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Highlights from a vibrant Creative Arts assessment thumb

Highlights from a vibrant Creative Arts assessment

As is often the case, assessment events offer great insight into the diverse BA (Hons) Creative Arts community and the wide range of approaches to interdisciplinary practice on the programme. The recent winter assessment was the first to welcome students from the new Stage One, 1.1 Experience Creative Arts and Stage Two, 2.1 Creative Arts Relations course units, alongside many submissions from students progressing on the teach-out options at all Stages of the degree.

Students continue to embrace various disciplines during their studies, often combining text, image, print, textiles, sculpture, photography and moving image in imaginative ways. Increasingly, students work across multiple mediums and processes, experimenting with an eclectic range of methods and focusing on creative and contextual approaches to their work. This is supported by the new programme structure that encourages exploration across multiple disciplines, championed by the growing Skills Hub resources, which enable students to pick and choose a bespoke degree pathway from an extensive range of micro-courses.  

Changes to the programme have allowed students to be more independent and fluid between disciplines, combining unique skills, knowledge and creative direction in developing their individual creative language. All submissions during the recent assessment event were a testament to the exciting and imaginative way students embrace this opportunity. A huge congratulations to all students that took part. Below are a few stand-out highlights that caught the attention of the Creative Arts assessment team. 

Sophie Kerr, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage Two

Rachael Barns, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage One
Sue Lucas, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage One
Baiba Vagule, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage One

Margaux Maesen, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage Two

Gesa Helms, BA (Hons) Creative Arts, Stage Three
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Posted by author: Adam Thompson
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