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OCA student work: David Price thumb

OCA student work: David Price

OCA Visual Communications degree student David Price successfully completed his Level 3 studies in July this year. His final major project was Darwin, a 60 page graphic novel that David wrote and drew which examines the life and work of English naturalist Charles Darwin. David discussed the development of the project, his inspiration and creative process with the OCA.

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OCA recommends: ‘Manga’ at the British Museum, until 26 August 2019 thumb

OCA recommends: ‘Manga’ at the British Museum, until 26 August 2019

Until around 20 years ago, it was possible to determine a comics artist or illustrator’s national and cultural origins from their aesthetic – from the elements of composition, mark-making, gesturality and myriad other aspects of image-making that comprised their personal visual language. Now none of these origins can be taken for granted. The fundamental question this raises is about the future of design and illustration generally – is the increasing similarity of visuality a ‘good thing’ or not?

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Ask the librarian thumb

Ask the librarian

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism means deliberately or accidentally using someone else’s work or ideas as if they were your own. Work means any intellectual output, and typically includes text, data, images, sound or performance and includes material downloaded from electronic sources. Deliberately plagiarising work whilst you are at OCA can have very serious consequences, which is why it’s important to follow good academic practices and to reference your work properly.

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OCA & SANE: A new partnership thumb

OCA & SANE: A new partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with the leading mental health charity SANE to support mental health. We are working together to deliver SANE’s new Creative Awards Scheme, a new initiative to enable people suffering from mental health or caring for people with mental health issues to access the visual arts and harness their creativity. 

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Art in the Anthropocene thumb

Art in the Anthropocene

The word Anthropocene combines the root “anthropo”, meaning “human” with the root “-cene”, the standard suffix for “epoch” in geologic time. Whilst the term is widely used across many discourses it is important to recognise that the term has spread with great speed often dislodging familiar terms like nature and environment. The notion of the Anthropocene raises important questions that concern the sustainability of the planet to support human life.

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Lisbon’s vibrant and optimistic art scene. thumb

Lisbon’s vibrant and optimistic art scene.

If you are heading to Portugal this summer, take some time to look around Lisbon’s vibrant art scene. This is art in the more liberal sense. Music, ceramics, architecture, visual arts, food culture, moving image, textiles- all are on show and in current conversation.

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Study event review: Remake / Remodel thumb

Study event review: Remake / Remodel

It was great to see such liberated and stimulating interplay between students and the work they were making. Unfamiliar drawing methods were explored including drawing with lengths of cane, using coloured tapes to collage with and stitching with a domestic sewing machine to create a variety of textured marks and lines. As the session progressed spontaneous collaborations began to develop between students where one would work over another’s drawing or drawings were developed together to produce an innovative dialogue of marks.

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Study event: OCA East of England thumb

Study event: OCA East of England

Come and join us for a talk about “The Influence of Curation on the Creative Arts” with OCA tutor Andrea Norrington on Saturday 27 July.

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Study event review: OCA East of England thumb

Study event review: OCA East of England

The session focused around making a mini-concertina book and each student successfully made their book.  In the session, students were shown how to cover hard backed covers and hopefully gained some useful tips on how to glue cover materials and on the assembly of books.

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