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New course: Visual Exploration thumb

New course: Visual Exploration

The Visual Exploration unit supports a self-directed approach to exploring and articulating your personal creative voice by extending a process-led approach to how you generate ideas, develop visual and technical skills across a choice of media and technologies, and by establishing new ways of working by undertaking self-initiated projects and reflecting on the creative processes of other practitioners.

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Self promotion thumb

Self promotion

OCA Graphic Design tutor, Peter Lester, invites you to have a look at the following slideshow. It presents some ideas about how to get a job interview.

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Victory in Europe Day – 8 May 1945 – 75th Anniversary 2020 thumb

Victory in Europe Day – 8 May 1945 – 75th Anniversary 2020

This Friday Bank Holiday, 8 May 2020, marks the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), the end of fighting in Europe in 1945. Fighting in the Far East against Japan would continue for a further three months, costing the lives of many more servicemen and women, and civilian deaths in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the final surrender on August 15 1945.

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Unmasking the everyday: part one thumb

Unmasking the everyday: part one

Queues outside supermarkets have become strange symbols of this, epitomising how one of life’s most everyday activities has come to feel risky and dangerous. The usually unnoticed has become unsettlingly conspicuous. 

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Edge-zine issue 9: Inside thumb

Edge-zine issue 9: Inside

From Vicky Mackenzie’s ‘Tutors thoughts’ through Steve Cusson’s work ‘Prison Cinema’ and onto Therese Livonne and her self portrait the 9th edition of Edge-zine is packed with thought provoking work and articles from across the Open College of the Arts range of disciplines.

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Stay creative thumb

Stay creative

Choosing and continuing to be creative is a really important act of self-care.  Whether you write, draw, sew, sculpt, paint, photograph or play an instrument, you can improve your mental wellbeing.  Over the coming weeks OCA will post open, creative content that everyone can get involved in.

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Support in the ARF /Pt 2 thumb

Support in the ARF /Pt 2

Alongside the new changes to the Academic Regulatory Framework, OCA is introducing a number of new mechanisms designed to better support students.   What is the support in the ARF?   These are the Active Study Policy, Reasonable Adjustments Policy, and a revised Mitigating Circumstances Policy, and also the changes to degree pathways.   OCA […]

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Academic Regulatory Framework Changes /Pt 1 thumb

Academic Regulatory Framework Changes /Pt 1

From 2nd January 2020 OCA is introducing a revised Academic Regulatory Framework. This document, which forms part of the Student Regulations, underpins and governs how all of OCAs degree programmes work, from the credits that are earnt on completion of a unit to the length of time available to complete a unit, level, and degree.  […]

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Writing & illustrating – A tutor & student co-operative project thumb

Writing & illustrating – A tutor & student co-operative project

I’d like to report on a co-operative project between myself, a writer/tutor and poet on one hand, and Dorothy Flint, a second year illustration student on the other..  We worked together over several months. The co-operative project grew out of Dorothy’s need to find a client for her illustration course and my need to find an artist who wanted a client to make a visual contribution to the  poems I had already written between 2015 and 2018.

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