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Good beginnings: the best of Saki

I have just re-read ‘The Lumber Room’, a short story by the former Burma police officer H H Munro, who wrote under the name of Saki. More than 30 years after having the story read aloud to me when I was 15 years old, its language and tone are still vividly familiar, even though until […]

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An artistic vibration

If Winifred Nicholson were alive today I’m sure she would have approved of Prof Brian Cox’s explanation of the significance of light in the last of his series Wonders of the Universe. For Winifred Nicholson art was a means of exploring and expressing her fascination with light. From an early stage, she was moved to […]

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I'm a fan

You might be a football supporter, love Elvis’s music, read comics, enjoy charity shop purchases or simply be an ardent fan of a local band. Whatever your interests, someone, somewhere will have made a fanzine about it. You may have not come across many fanzines as they tend not to make it onto the bookshelves […]

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The Typographic Hub

The Typographic Hub has just been launched as a new initiative by UKType and Birmingham Institute of Art & Design to promote the history, theory and practice of typographic design. If you’re a typographic geek like myself, or just somebody with a passing interest then the website is well worth a browse. The Typographic Hub […]

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17 museums, 9 countries, 486 artists

This great new resource, the Google Art Project, launched yesterday, captures work from 17 museums, 9 countries, 385 gallery rooms, 1,000 high-resolution artworks (7 to 14 billion pixels), and 486 artists. Google have used similar software to zoom in on images as they have on maps, and certainly it pays off. The Google Maps ‘Street […]

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