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Kinetic textiles thumb

Kinetic textiles

Whilst the majority of textile-based work involves a degree of drape, movement or surface interest; some designers choose to focus solely on the movement of a piece- the kinetic nature of the material they have created. I have chosen to share with you four practitioners who have created work that explore the kinetic values of their chosen materials.

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Student work: Sheena Murray thumb

Student work: Sheena Murray

In this blog post I am delighted to be sharing the work of BA Textiles student Sheena Murray, who recently completed and submitted for assessment Textiles 1: Ideas and Processes. 

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Student work: Julie Hooker thumb

Student work: Julie Hooker

As one of the first Textiles students to submit work digitally for assessment Julie made several videos as a way of describing and illustrating the tactile and physical qualities of her work.

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OCA wellbeing: On self-care thumb

OCA wellbeing: On self-care

Increasing online presence may result in online fatigue with visual and somatic symptoms. To Self- care and to be aware of changing habits and maladaptive behaviour patterns may overcome not only chronic ‘online’ disease but also negative impact on concentration, mood and emotions. 

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Black female textile artists thumb

Black female textile artists

This post will focus on three incredible Black female artists who create exciting, contemporary and thought-provoking work using traditional textile techniques. 

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BA Textiles assessment: Looking back moving forward  thumb

BA Textiles assessment: Looking back moving forward 

In this short film Rebecca, the Programme Leader for BA Textiles talks about assessment. As we begin to prepare for our second digital assessment due to the COVID19 pandemic she draws students’ attention to what was learnt the first time around and where students can find support in the coming weeks for the Autumn assessment. 

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OCA wellbeing: Community in lockdown thumb

OCA wellbeing: Community in lockdown

Miranda shares what she has found helpful during the pandemic so far. Miranda is new to the Student Services Team at OCA, and has had the challenge of joining the OCA ‘virtually’ during the lockdown period!

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OCA wellbeing: Pets thumb

OCA wellbeing: Pets

I have settled reasonably well into life in lockdown and I think it’s largely to do with my furry companion. I’ve kept my normal routine of getting up and walking to work, which currently means taking Enzo out and looping back home to log on.

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OCA wellbeing: Photography thumb

OCA wellbeing: Photography

I’d started up an Instagram account a while back, but I’d fallen into posting very sporadically, going months without and not making much of a contribution. So I decided to try out the whole ‘post an image a day’ and use some hashtags to get the message out that although we were in lockdown, we were still here.

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