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In Conversation with: Sabine Roth

“Her talent lies in combining traditional materials with contemporary techniques and in materialising the ephemeral as she uses new technologies as a research method and inspiration in her design process.”

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In conversation with: Rahel Pfrommer

“I was always fascinated by different materials and techniques. During my jewellery studies, textiles and especially the process of weaving and textiles construction has become a big focus. The contrast between the hard metal and the soft thread caught my attention.”

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In conversation with: Lucy Benson

I’m constantly fascinated with how light can transform the perception of a space and the relationship between light and materials. My use of materials and processes are the result of my exploration of different planes, distortion, translucency, line and structure.

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Successful sampling

Investigative and experimental sampling requires both an open-mind and a focussed approach to ensure the work created is coherent, exciting and new.

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What is your tutor up to? Chapter 2: Jenny Udale

OCA Textile’s tutor Jenny Udale has just completed the 3rd edition of ” the fundamentals of fashion” book by Bloomsbury, that she co-authored . It has just been published.

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Choosing materials for textiles

It is important to choose materials that are fit for purpose. Sometimes the materials we choose can be the beginning of a project and be the main line that guides our work.

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