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One person’s redundant technology is another’s hobby

As an OCA tutor I spend a lot of time waiting for parcels to arrive in the post. The small heavy package that arrived last week was not a student assignment but a brand new metal casting of Rockwell 30pt. Like a growing band of typography and letterpress enthusiasts I have recently purchased my own […]

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They Rule

I first came across the group of artists and designers called Futurefarmers at a conference at the University of Montreal in 2001. They were there to talk about the development of one of their projects called They Rule. A blend of internet software wizardry and journalistic enquiry that allowed users to explore who sat on […]

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Are limited editions dishonest?

Are limited editions about making money? Milking the value of whatever you have produced? My view on limited editions for anything other than fine art printmaking has just changed. Why? A result of a conversation with a photographer yesterday. And this image of a sheep produced using Brushes on my iPhone a couple of years […]

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17 museums, 9 countries, 486 artists

This great new resource, the Google Art Project, launched yesterday, captures work from 17 museums, 9 countries, 385 gallery rooms, 1,000 high-resolution artworks (7 to 14 billion pixels), and 486 artists. Google have used similar software to zoom in on images as they have on maps, and certainly it pays off. The Google Maps ‘Street […]

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It's complicated being artistic …

A recent piece in the magazine Frieze about the concerns contemporary artists have caught my attention, and made me wonder what preoccupies those OCA students who are striving to be better artists? The article contends that artists’ main preoccupations are to have the space in order to do whatever comes next.  But then, what does […]

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