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Student work

Feedback on studies and finished work

Two OCA tutors, Emma Drye and David Winning were recently in the office and we filmed them talking about one of David’s students (Iwona Barltrop) who had just finished her Painting 1 course. I think the video really helps explain how important it is to retain vitality in your work for it to be successful. […]

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Blog of the Week: pain and the pastoral

For blog of the week this month we look to Gesa Helms’ pain and the pastoral. This is not so much a OCA learning log as an artist’s reflective notebook and it is fascinating for it. Rather than polished mini-articles we get snippets of thoughts and associations. Many of these thoughts turn to colour, but […]

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Blog of the week: Marmalade Cafe

Blog of the week this month is Marmalade Cafe written and photographed by Penny Watson. Penny enrolled on Art of Photography last year and was encouraged by her tutor to make an APEL application (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning – where you assemble a portfolio of work and a personal statement). The application was successful […]

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Blog of the week: Yiannitsa Cegarra

A week is a long time in politics and it can be at We Are OCA too. Essentially we have been so busy producing videos and slideshows and discussing our plans for next year with our Trustees that we haven’t found the time to look at the growing numbers of student blogs. And when we […]

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Blog of the week: Sheila Raven's Art Place

Sheila Raven’s Art Place documents her study came to our attention as a student log which combines demonstrating the progress towards a finished piece with the reading around the subject. Here recent posts on an informal portrait show clearly how her thinking on expressionism is influencing her approach. Highly recommended.

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The Series

As a charity one of the underpinning principles for the OCA is widening access to arts education to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit from it. In this slideshow Jane Horton talks about Kenneth Brown, OCA painting student whose work for the course Your Own Exhibition is called The Series. Jane was interviewed […]

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