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Student stories: Geraldine Leahy thumb

Student stories: Geraldine Leahy

A solo exhibition of work by Geraldine Leahy will be on display in Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush, Co. Dublin  from the 4th – 14th April 2022 . Intriguing combinations of monoprint and paint reveal the devastating consequences of coastal erosion in Portrane, Rogerstown Estuary and Rush. The artist observes the entanglements of manmade and natural materials and the impact mankind has had on the coastline.

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Student stories: Wendy Healey thumb

Student stories: Wendy Healey

OCA students and tutors from all disciplines are invited to final year student Wendy Healey’s forthcoming exhibition to explore the fascinating world of the in-between. Direct Art Action UK (DAA) Gallery based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham will be showcasing her BA (Hons) Painting Degree Exhibition In-between. 

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The Patricia Farrar Award for Painting thumb

The Patricia Farrar Award for Painting

As Programme Leader for Painting I feel personally that Patricia would have had a continued influence on OCA as an alumni and I have tried to preserve that influence by instigating an award at OCA in her memory and as an ongoing inspiration. The award is given to a student annually who embodied something of Patricia’s spirit and creative concerns.

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Student stories: Arlene Sharp thumb

Student stories: Arlene Sharp

The Freelands Painting Prize has been developed to support artists at an early stage in their practice and all UK art colleges are able to nominate a single student in their final course of study to be considered for it. We convened a panel of all the tutors for the eligible students and undertook a two stage process to identify one candidate. We used a simple scoring system and, whilst everyone got some points, one person was a clear winner and that was Arlene Sharp.

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Study event review: ‘Collocations – pain & trauma’, Chatham Kent. thumb

Study event review: ‘Collocations – pain & trauma’, Chatham Kent.

This was a study event with a big difference for me to all the others I have attended with OCA – instead of looking at other artist’s work, in this instance, I was the subject of the study visit.  

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Augmented Reality – what place does this have in art? thumb

Augmented Reality – what place does this have in art?

The primary focus for Artivive, going by their website, appears to be its use in galleries, but I was beginning to see the potential beyond that context. What if artists could add an audio track for people with literacy difficulties? Or a video of themselves talking about the work? Or how about a video comprising photos showing how the finished piece came about? 

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Student stories: Dr Linda Mayoux thumb

Student stories: Dr Linda Mayoux

Linda has recently submitted Advanced Practice and Visual Research for assessment. For these units Linda generated a substantial body of written work, extensive research, idea generation, mixed media experimentation, visual development, alternative layouts and final visual solutions.

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More Than Sum Parts: Exhibition News! thumb

More Than Sum Parts: Exhibition News!

OCA students Kym (Coratin) Walker and Steve Meyfroidt are delighted their work ‘fragile power’ is currently on display in the RE:FORM Exhibition at Florence Arts Centre, North Cumbria. 

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Student Stories: Jessica Higgins thumb

Student Stories: Jessica Higgins

In my essay for I’m keen to investigate an issue that has bothered me all my writing life. Why are black writers always described, in the media and in publishing, as ‘black writers’ while white writers are simply described as ‘writers’? I also want to just be a ‘writer’.

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