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Drawing from the past. Part 2.

Last time we spoke about the ideas that lie behind the Drawing from the Past. This time I want to focus on what students will get from completing the course.

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Ask the librarian

Most universities modify the system slightly to suit the needs of their students, so if you consult other universities’ Harvard referencing guides you will find differences between them. For this reason, it is important you use UCA’s own Harvard Referencing guide when completing your assignments.

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Getting the most from your tutor

If you are returning to education after a prolonged break or are new to Higher Education it can be daunting to send your work to a tutor you barely know for them to go through it with a fine-toothed comb.

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How to use your Tutor Reports

Rebecca wrote this blog post in response conversations with Textile Assessors at the last assessment event where it was highlighted that students didn’t often make use of the advice in their tutor reports.

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