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OCA Student Association study event: Paul Harfleet, artist’s talk

OCA students are invited to join Artist Paul Harfleet via zoom on Saturday 12 June at 2pm to hear him talk about his work.

Harfleet plants pansies at the site of homophobic abuse; he finds the nearest source of soil to where the incident occurred and generally without civic permission plants one unmarked pansy.

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Upcoming Student Association Elections

Hi everyone. As 2020 draws to a close in the Student Association we are gearing up for an impactful and energised 2021. The OCA Student Association has gone through a lot of changes this year. Declining and inconsistent activity in OCASA prompted an opportunity to review the purpose and structure of the student-led organisation. With […]

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OCA Student Association Role Vacancies

OCASA role vacancies – Be part of making a difference to the student experience ……….  Could you be a student rep?  All OCA students new and old are invited to stand for any of the Student Association Rep  roles currently available, these are listed below.  You don’t have to be an expert – just interested, […]

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#WeAreOCA’s South East Regional Group

October saw the inaugural meeting of the South East Regional Group (‘SERG’ for short), which covers Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent.  Students from all pathways and all levels within these areas are very welcome to join. The aim of the first meeting was to discuss the groups regional engagement, […]

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Updates from the Student Association TEL team

Hello! My name is Dan Woodward, and I am the Deputy Lead representative of the Student Association. I am also one half of the TEL reps alongside Becky Holman. TEL, it’s a funny acronym isn’t it? TEL stands for Technology Enhanced Learning. What that means in real terms are the various tools and platforms used […]

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Motivated to work in Equality and Diversity

The motivations for my becoming the OCA student representative for Equality and Diversity are deeply embedded in my personal experiences of racial and social class based injustices. I felt that this personal context was important to illustrate my interest and commitment to the role. But equally I wanted to add a real life dimension to the discussion on equality and diversity.

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WE are OCA

As an alternative learning provider we mean to be alternative not as a second best alternative, but to be different. In seeing our students as partners and listening to our students’ voices, we can move from a transactional model where students are informed and consulted, to being co-creators in learning and teaching.

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