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OCA & SANE: A new partnership thumb

OCA & SANE: A new partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with the leading mental health charity SANE to support mental health. We are working together to deliver SANE’s new Creative Awards Scheme, a new initiative to enable people suffering from mental health or caring for people with mental health issues to access the visual arts and harness their creativity. 

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Art in the Anthropocene thumb

Art in the Anthropocene

The word Anthropocene combines the root “anthropo”, meaning “human” with the root “-cene”, the standard suffix for “epoch” in geologic time. Whilst the term is widely used across many discourses it is important to recognise that the term has spread with great speed often dislodging familiar terms like nature and environment. The notion of the Anthropocene raises important questions that concern the sustainability of the planet to support human life.

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Ask the librarian thumb

Ask the librarian

Continuing from May’s Ask the Librarian blog that discussed how to find the right content online, lets next discuss what you should do once you have completed your first search for research.

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Study event review: OCA East of England thumb

Study event review: OCA East of England

The session focused around making a mini-concertina book and each student successfully made their book.  In the session, students were shown how to cover hard backed covers and hopefully gained some useful tips on how to glue cover materials and on the assembly of books.

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What’s your tutor up to? Adam Thompson thumb

What’s your tutor up to? Adam Thompson

Conversations amongst friends evolved into artworks, artworks resonate conversation, new knowledge and understanding, things I find to be at the core of art practice.

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Study event review: Thinking through art thumb

Study event review: Thinking through art

Having Emma and the students talk around my project, helped me consider it from other viewpoints and look at other options. This has greatly helped me to think about what I’m doing for the project and will inform the direction this will take through the rest of the degree.

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OCA Music web chat: Inspirational orchestration thumb

OCA Music web chat: Inspirational orchestration

Join OCA Music tutor Chris Lawry and fellow music students for an informal web chat from the comfort of your own home. The chat will start at 6.30pm on Wednesday 29 May and continue ‘live’ for at least an hour and a half. The chat will also remain open after that time for follow up conversations, or for those unable to be online at that time to catch up and read. The chat will provide an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, inspirations and music, to highlight best practice in critical listening and compositional skills, and to engage with the wider OCA music community.

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This old thing thumb

This old thing

This Old Thing is a project in which I’ll be wearing only charity shop-bought occasion dresses for two weeks. I’ll also be posting diary entries and a photo a day of me going about my normal life, doing mundane things. I want to use this to explore the various overlapping and contradictory ways we value our clothing, by being overdressed in garments which someone else threw away.

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