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Group work at OCA thumb

Group work at OCA

Based on student feedback, OCA has committed to introduce group work as a core teaching element by 2020-21. We envisage that all undergraduate students can expect access at least one session per course unit or annually, and group work will be offered in addition to existing one-to-one tuition.

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Enterprise enhancement scheme thumb

Enterprise enhancement scheme

Post-study success, however that looks for individual students, is a key ambition of OCA. We hope that our courses will provide you with valuable skills, but in addition to this we are developing initiatives to provide opportunities to network with peers, develop collaborative projects, and set up businesses. With this in mind, we are establishing a new Enterprise Enhancement Scheme, providing funding to students to engage in enterprise activity. 

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Submitting for Assessment: FAQs thumb

Submitting for Assessment: FAQs

We’re fast approaching the next assessment event, and OCA students are collating all their hard work and preparing to submit. While it can feel daunting, it doesn’t need to feel complicated. We’ve noted your frequently asked questions and hope the following information will help make the assessment process a little smoother. G-Drives Any digital work […]

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Feedback is a gift thumb

Feedback is a gift

Warren Buffett is the latest in a long line of influential people advising us to value the gift of feedback. He explained “Honesty is a very expensive gift; just don’t expect it from cheap people” meaning that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s ambivalence.

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Farewell to OCA’s Peter Haveland thumb

Farewell to OCA’s Peter Haveland

Peter Haveland, a tutor on visual studies and photography courses is retiring from his teaching career and leaving OCA. He’s been working with OCA for the best part of twenty years, so has seen the organisation evolve and grow. To mark Peter’s retirement, and out of my own curiosity, I asked him a few questions to reflect on his time as a tutor. 

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´BIG DRAW´- the first step in a creative journey thumb

´BIG DRAW´- the first step in a creative journey

With BIG DRAW I got to experience different tools, forcing me into learning mode which I really enjoyed. It certainly has been an illuminating experience and I want to suggest that anyone embarking on a course at OCA should do this as a teaser to get started.

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Engaging Places: Environment, Anthropocene & Ecology E-Meet Nov 27th thumb

Engaging Places: Environment, Anthropocene & Ecology E-Meet Nov 27th

Our next Arts & Environment E-meet is November 27th, 6-7pm UK time. Link to join  https://oca.zoom.us/j/418087540 Please sign up for the meet first via this google form WHAT and WHY? Get involved. This is an informal online chat using zoom.  A 60 minute conversation to share ideas and resources to support each other’s work-in-progress. Our […]

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Support in the ARF /Pt 2 thumb

Support in the ARF /Pt 2

Alongside the new changes to the Academic Regulatory Framework, OCA is introducing a number of new mechanisms designed to better support students.   What is the support in the ARF?   These are the Active Study Policy, Reasonable Adjustments Policy, and a revised Mitigating Circumstances Policy, and also the changes to degree pathways.   OCA […]

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edge-zine issue 7: The re-launch thumb

edge-zine issue 7: The re-launch

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of edge-zine, the student led zine. It is available to read & download now. The zine is a space for you to showcase the projects you have completed and are working on. It will allow us to discuss and show the techniques, thoughts and practices we are using to create our art therefore it is vital that you share your thoughts and processes to help us all learn and develop. We are proud to publish the seventh edition of the edge-zine. 

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Ask the librarian thumb

Ask the librarian

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism means deliberately or accidentally using someone else’s work or ideas as if they were your own. Work means any intellectual output, and typically includes text, data, images, sound or performance and includes material downloaded from electronic sources. Deliberately plagiarising work whilst you are at OCA can have very serious consequences, which is why it’s important to follow good academic practices and to reference your work properly.

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