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Saw this and thought of you… thumb

Saw this and thought of you…

How do tutors decide what photographers to recommend to students?

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Still Life with Nigel Shafran thumb

Still Life with Nigel Shafran

I visited Nigel Shafran in his studio today to ask some questions about his (in my mind) unique approach to art based photography. Although his work is highly esteemed in the gallery / photo-book world he says he feels restricted by ideas and much prefers to think of himself as a photographer than an artist.

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Deutsche Börse and Clare Strand Study Visit thumb

Deutsche Börse and Clare Strand Study Visit

Join Sharon on 23 May for a double study visit in central London.

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Rubber Flapper thumb

Rubber Flapper

Sharon shares Gesture and Meaning student Michael Colvin’s response to Assignment 2.

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Margins thumb


Sharon on giving oneself space to think…

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Constructing Worlds thumb

Constructing Worlds

Join Sharon on the 10 January to visit ‘Constructing Worlds’. The exhibition brings together eighteen exceptional photographers from the 1930s to the present day who have changed the way we view architecture and perceive the world around us.

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Strategies and Presentation thumb

Strategies and Presentation

Arles OCA Study Visit, 2014 Sunshine, red wine, photographs, meeting new students from other countries, discussing exhibits, our work, assignments, assessment, ideas, your tutors… A lot of fun and learning was had on our recent holiday, I mean, study visit to Arles. We had a full schedule which was too packed to unpick so I […]

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Elina Brotherus Talk thumb

Elina Brotherus Talk

On 12th of the 11th at 11am Elina Brotherus is going to give a talk to OCA students about her upcoming exhibition at Wapping Project in Dover Street, Central London.

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Natasha Caruana thumb

Natasha Caruana

Natasha Caruana is a photographic artist and founding director of the London based studioSTRIKE artists studios. Here she talks to tutor Sharon Boothroyd

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What is Art for? thumb

What is Art for?

We recently had this exchange in my house. 5 year old: “Mummy.  Your job is not very important is it?” Me: “Is it not? Why not?” 5 year old: “No.  Because you just take pictures don’t you?” Since then this topic has cropped up in various guises just before bedtime or walking home from school. […]

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