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Henri Matisse: His true colours thumb

Henri Matisse: His true colours

When Matisse was giving instruction to his students he would tell them to think about the colour of the object or scene in front of them and forget about its name: vase, lemon, coffee pot etc. When beginning to paint an object or scene that is highly charged with colour, simplifying the problem by forgetting the […]

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My art book of the year: Chris Ofili thumb

My art book of the year: Chris Ofili

My choice is the Judith Nesbitt’s book on Chris Ofili. Inside the pages we are taken on a journey that includes exuberant mixed media colour work on canvas and watercolours to fine drawings and photography. In this book we see the vibrancy and potency of Chris Ofili’s work, page after page of exotic colours and […]

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Anselm Kiefer: History Matters thumb

Anselm Kiefer: History Matters

Having paid a visit to the North-East of England over the week-end, I made time  to visit the Baltic Gallery for Contemporary Art to see the Anselm Kiefer exhibition. He is described as being one of the foremost figures of post-war painting. This is the largest exhibition of Kiefer’s work seen in the UK for […]

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Figuratively speaking: an exploration of the human form thumb

Figuratively speaking: an exploration of the human form

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to have a trip to California and visited a number of art galleries exploring the art scene and cultural life in that part of America.  First gallery on my hit list was the Fine Art Gallery in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas (where they filmed Oceans 12 with George Clooney […]

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