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Neil Musson, Author at The Open College of the Arts
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Neil Musson

Invitation to make art for a hot air balloon! thumb

Invitation to make art for a hot air balloon!

I am sharing one of my current projects here as an opportunity for people to get involved either now or later in the year. This is an invitation to make artistic responses to stories describing the community of Thamesmead in South East London and have them included on our 23M high flying gallery.

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The Art of Invitation – Part 3 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 3

‘The Gathering’ 2018, repopulating a space in Romania left abandoned since the revolution in 1989 I learnt a lot from my conversations and brief collaboration with the late great Will Alsop. Most notably that not everything has to make sense – actions do not always have to be justified. Play is the beginning of creativity […]

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The Art of Invitation – Part 2 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 2

It is common for an artist to write a statement defining their practice. In my opinion this serves a greater purpose for the artist than for the audience (who, after all, should be free to respond emotionally to an experience rather than being instructed regarding its intention). I have been writing and rewriting my statement […]

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The Art of Invitation – Part 1 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 1

‘Beacon’ 2016, Installation on an ancient beacon site where the audience is invited by the light rather than by a selective process. My work is the investigation of pathways, migrations and unplanned encounters. It is only with hindsight that I can understand the rationale behind my creative practice. I call this retrospective research; looking back […]

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The nature of temporary site specific art thumb

The nature of temporary site specific art

I make artwork which is connected to place. According to the Tate the term ‘site-specific’ refers to a work of art designed specifically for a particular location and that has an interrelationship with the location. I agree but would add that the work is about interrelationships with people first and foremost and that the art […]

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Study visit review: 2018 RCA Textiles summer show thumb

Study visit review: 2018 RCA Textiles summer show

The 2018 MA Textiles summer show at the Royal College of Art was a heady mix of product, experimentation and conceptual thinking. Having curated the show I took the opportunity to invite OCA students to view the work. The aim was to discuss the diversity in order to question the definition of the term ‘textiles’. 15 OCA students attended on a sunny summer Sunday to explore the galleries before meeting for a very lively discussion.

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Textiles without textiles thumb

Textiles without textiles

Art students often label themselves according to the name of the course that they are studying; They become a ‘fine artist’, ‘photographer’ or ‘textile designer’. That’s okay but we are all adaptable creative thinkers and labels can be restrictive. I encourage students to look at other disciplines to inspire their own; to mix craft skill with wild ideas and to challenge processes by applying mindsets from other creative genres.

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The value of dreaming thumb

The value of dreaming

I always come back to the acknowledgement of an individuals personality as a way of driving artwork. Personalities are unique and so being true to oneself when drawing, photographing or making is an essential ingredient in producing original outcomes

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Creative use of Instagram thumb

Creative use of Instagram

My OCA students are very adept at using online platforms to guide and influence their creative practice and so it is possible that I am writing to people who know more about this subject than I do…..however, this is not an instruction guide, it is a reflection on my experience of using Instagram to build and inspire my creative practice. I will reflect on how I have developed an online portfolio which reaches a far wider audience than my web site.

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Decorex Inspiration 2016 thumb

Decorex Inspiration 2016

Amidst the serene surroundings of Syon Park, the decorex.com exhibition was, as always, full of inspiration for the interiors market. The show keeps a tight reign on quality and the exhibitors provide the finest supplies for contemporary and historic interior decoration.

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